Carol Carter Workshop

colorful boats

Colorful Boats

June 20 – 22, 2014 St. Louis Missouri, Carol Carter Studio

Carol taught us her style.
Cleverly and boldly she lets the water flow.  
Water mixed with pure pigment, working in tandem with nature results in awe inspiring forms and shapes that move across the paper.
Instead of “fixing” blooms, she embraces them, even creates them and incorporates them directly into her work. I painted on a flat table with a towel directly under my work space. The towel gave me more freedom to paint recklessly, not worrying about the table.

Brighten Color

My absolute favorite take away was learning a quicker way to brighten my paintings. I have learned the traditional techniques of working in washes, letting them dry, layering over and over again which wastes an enormous amount of time, emotional energy and inspiration. Instead she intensifies the wash with a very small brush, loaded with paint she saturates the paper with one tube color. You then baby-sit the wash over the period of time it takes it to dry, the longer it takes the wash to dry the better, so Carol prefers to work in humid, wet, and rainy conditions.

Don’t forget the values

With the focus on color, how I quickly forget that value is bones of most representative art. Carol then whipped out her ruby filter. It’s allot like squinting to see the values of your painting or reference. It’s turned out to be a handy tool in my box, especially to evaluate a painting’s progress.

Loads of fun learning, good food, good fellowship, and Carol did a terrific job.