What is a watercolor journal?  A watercolor journal is a portable bound book of art you can create.   Artist’s toolkit of supplies for watercolor journaling include:  a bound book of watercolor paper; pencil and eraser; a black or brown waterproof pen; red, blue, and yellow watercolor paint; and a palette to mix colors.

Why a watercolor journal? Painting in a small portable venue is fun and works well for busy people. With your journal you can capture the day.  By painting you can document your vacation, your unique situation, dreams and life’s journey.


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Sketch made in Buoux, France

This watercolor began at a restaurant in Buoux, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France. A great place to sketch because there are allot of shapes crammed together that make for an easy design structure. After lunch we hiked up to some cliffs and overhangs with ancient ruins. Families here on weekend vacation were having allot of fun hiking, climbing, and swimming in the Aigue-Brum... read more

Ice Cream

We took an ice cream break at the Lourve. The air conditioner was on, but it was still hot. I whipped out the sketch book, making a quick pencil sketch on site, then finished the page back home in my studio. The ice cream wording on the side bar “melted” when I brushed over it with water. To make it look better, I added red at the bottom of the letters. I also decided to use a leaf motif I saw on one of the pots in the museum. The leaf motif repeats the shape of the mint leaves in the ice cream... read more

Apt Market in the Luberon Valley, France

Apt isn’t an abbreviation for the word “apartment,” but the name of a town with a pretty neat weekly market. This market is huge! We arrived to find the portable stalls set up and ready for business. Rambling from stall to stall, street to street, we shopped. Lost and dizzy, I’m torn that if I linger too long at this stall I will miss out on the next market treasure. The food, fresh fish, colorful produce, fabric goods, flowers, herbs, toiletries, and perfume abound! Those fish are so fresh! Are they winking at me? Where am I? “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.” The quality of the produce is fresh-cut. There is family pride in the workmanship of the eats and goods. There is a friendliness and excitement in sharing what the traders have worked so hard to produce. As the sun heats up, temperatures rise as we try to take it all in. In only three more hours and this whole circus will shut down, fold up and be packed into trailers. This has been going on for 900 years, there is a pretty good chance it will be here waiting for you to visit when you... read more


Finally made it to California! Our view outside of our room in San Francisco the past September. Pacific Sunsets were soooo bright and clear. read more

Bouga Beauty

Medium: watercolor Celebrate with me.!!! This is my first painting accepted into a juried show. Mid-Southern Watercolorists, Inc. 47th Annual Juried Exhibition. Artist’s Impressions: I’m inspired by natural surroundings. Juxtaposing vertical and horizontal elements found in nature with man made structures is a love I’ve had since childhood; a paring that is magical to me and hard to put into words. Simply put cascading bougainvillea is just fun. The vibration of complementary colors intrigues me. The cascade of color is like a colorful waterfall of flowers. Joy is what I see. A taste of Heaven. I am so pleased to serve the viewer and hope the takeaway, if only for a few seconds is JOY. #Mid-Southern Watercolorists #watercolor #bvi... read more